It’s okay to be smart.

In fact, during employment interviews many of the questions that HR representatives ask are designed to help identify “the smart people”.

Yes, companies spend a lot of money trying to determine how smart people are, before they’re hired.

But there’s something far more important to you and your company.

That something is called “shared knowledge”.

This type of knowledge includes the tribal knowledge that can and should be collectively held and easily shared between individuals within a work group or company.

Without it, no one can be as smart as the smartest person.

With it, we can all work to be just as smart. Maybe even smarter.

At Schleif/Learning, we create PoKA’s (portable knowledge assets) that can be easily shared within a work group and a company.

Yes, creating them is hard work. Yes they take time. Yes, they cost money.

But wouldn’t you agree?

Being smart… is better.

A lot better.

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