Hard work

Somethings in life can simple, and yet at the same time, be so very hard. Finding the work you love is one of those things. Simple to think about. Hard to successfully accomplish.

The artist living… within

I've come to discover, "We all have an artist living within." Over the last several years, I've worked with all types of technical workers... call them laborers, craftsmen, and artists. I've noticed that many of them work for the money. Others work to display (show-off?) their skill. And others work for a different reason. They work for something higher. They work for something special. They work for... the artistry of work. They invest themselves with everything [...]

Let’s be smarter…

It's okay to be smart. In fact, during employment interviews many of the questions that HR representatives ask are designed to help identify "the smart people". Yes, companies spend a lot of money trying to determine how smart people are, before they're hired. But there's something far more important to you and your company. That something is called "shared knowledge". This type of knowledge includes the tribal knowledge that can and should be [...]

Practice, Then Performance

Most of us love to watch a great performance. We sit back and let the performance happen. And if we like what we see, we gladly applaud. But when we see a great performance, we need to remember something. The performance isn't the work. It's just a benefit. The work occurs long before the performance. We're actually applauding the practice that took place - before the performance. Because what is a great performance, [...]

Today Is The Day

Today is the day. And, there's no better day than today... to tell us your story. When you were little, you may have been afraid to raise your hand, and talk to the class. But even though you were afraid, you probably did it anyway. You raised your hand and then waited. Waited to be called upon. You were very brave, but you also did as you were told, so you sat there, [...]