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To build workforce performance capability… start with talent, finish with strength.

At Schleif/Learning, our talent discovery and workplace strengths development process begins with our premiere program, “It’s Your Time To Soar”. This program focuses on helping people understand the concepts of blending “how we think, with what we do”. During this highly interactive workshop, I help people discover and understand the power of talents and strengths building, as we discuss the various ways individual talents and strengths shape everything we do – both  at home and at work.

“The Craftsman Mindset”

To help people develop increased levels of workplace performance, I offer several strengths building workshops including: strengths-based leadership, management, interactive sales, workplace skills development and workplace safety.

As part of the strengths development pathway, I  also offer Gallup certified One-one-One and Team Coaching. My coaching services are designed to help individuals and teams – bring the power of strengths development process to a new level.

Our strengths development pathway usually begins with the use of the Clifton StrengthFinder, which serves as our “talent discovery window”. This special tool helps us discern an individual’s talent profile, or “dominant themes of talent”. An individual’s talent themes serve as a directional compass, providing guidance – as we move confidently forward with knowledge acquisition and skill development activities.

Yes, the StrengthsFinder assessment is a proven talent identification tool, with over 17 million people standing behind the data.

After talent awareness via StrengthsFinder, we’ll proceed with strengths coaching. This type of coaching helps people develop a clear vision of their strengths development pathway, while also helping us build a common language and understanding related to strengths development and individual talent themes.

Following talent awareness and theme education, we move forward with knowledge acquisition and focused skill-building deliberate practice activities related to role and responsibility.

The 3 components of the Schleif/Learning Strengths Development Process are:

Talent | Knowledge | Skill

By the way, what’s my Gallup StrenghsFinder talent profile?

Maximizer   |   Intellection   |   Activator   |   Strategic   |   Input

Call me today at 262-707-0525 and let’s discuss the StrengthsFinder Talent Discovery Workshop and assessment, and the other Schleif/Learning Workplace Strengths Building Workshops contained within the Schleif/Learning Strengths Building Process.


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