I’ve come to discover, “We all have an artist living within.”

Over the last several years, I’ve worked with all types of technical workers… call them laborers, craftsmen, and artists.

I’ve noticed that many of them work for the money. Others work to display (show-off?) their skill.

And others work for a different reason.

They work for something higher. They work for something special. They work for… the artistry of work.

They invest themselves with everything they have; their hands, their head, and their heart.

So, how does this happen?

I believe it manifests when we discover the internal intersection of talent, knowledge and skill.

This is the point hidden within the individual where talent, blends with acquired knowledge, and is displayed through one’s developed skill.

So if your son or daughter would like to learn how fix cars, lay concrete, repair machinery or run electrical wire;

Remember one thing.

Being a laborer is okay and becoming a craftsman is fine.

But they should challenge themselves to think about becoming an artist.

They need to find where their heart is. And, if they do, they may discover the artist living within.

And, yes –  we’re all capable of becoming artists. We only have to look.

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