Trust me, you can do this.

We're all familiar with the heavy feelings of self-doubt. And we know how difficult the struggle is. Yet, four simple words can reduce the load for most people, almost instantly. Those four little words? "You can do this." This little four word phrase can give the subconscious the added strength needed to take action, change course, make progress. Yes, sometimes all a person needs to hear from another is, "Trust me... you can [...]

Are your hands dirty?

At Schleif/Learning, I help technical people learn. These people work hard. And they usually get their hands dirty. In today's growing "knowledge worker" economy, getting your hands dirty can also be used as a figure of speech. It can mean physically getting in the game, stepping up to the plate and taking a swing... all to give yourself a chance at reaching your goals. For some reason, people are surprised when they meet someone [...]

The teacher that lives within…

The best teacher is not the one that speaks the loudest. No, the best teacher speaks quietly, yet confidently. The best teacher is smart. Really smart. The best teacher knows you can do it. Because the best teacher speaks from experience. Your experience. Yes, experience can be your best teacher. But only... if you dare to listen and learn from the teacher within. (click pic to zoom)

My life… my purpose.

My life has purpose. Today I can help a co-worker see the world... just a little differently. My story is important. Maybe today I'll share a story that will help another discover their story. My dreams count. Let me count my dreams. My voice matters. Speaking up today takes courage. Courage that I've learned through practice and failure. I was born to make an impact. It all began the day I came into [...]

Never miss an opportunity…

In today's world, our time is valuable. We have a lot of choices to make. Then, someone comes up and asks, "Hey, can you help me?" Take a moment, and think about your initial response. Was it, "Of course!" Or, was it something different? How about giving this a try? When someone comes up, asking for your help, think of it another way. Say to yourself, "This is really an opportunity for me." [...]

It’s your decision…

As individuals, we have to make our own decisions. We have to decide when to get up in the morning, what time to eat, and who we'll associate with. We have to decide when we ever going to relax and how we'll respond under pressure. Unfortunately, good decision making isn't a natural process. It's a developed skill, honed by years of practice and failure after failure. And, the worst decision is the decision we [...]

The comfort zone isn’t safe

Sooner or later, your place of inner comfort is no longer safe. Call it a parent's home, a familiar way of doing things, a stale relationship. Your comfort zone is where you can rest easy and be yourself, without having to think about it. Unfortunately, your comfort zone isn't really very safe. This place of inner comfort is just an illusion that lulls us into inaction, complacency, and waste. And towards the end, it causes [...]

It’s really an inside job.

We react, naturally. It's in our DNA. When we're frightened, we usually flee. Sometimes we'll stick around and fight. Responding though is different. We "learn" to respond, though our interactions with others. We've all been taught, "Do unto others, as they do unto me". Developing our ability to initiate something is different than developing our ability to react or respond. Developing our ability to initiate is an inside job. It really doesn't matter if [...]

A few of my recent LinkedIn posts!

I was asked to post some of my recent LinkedIn posts here to my blog... Well, here they are! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. The process of developing these special sayings is a great way to communicate to others. As someone said, a picture is worth... Have a great day! (Click Pic To Zoom) [...]

Hard work

Somethings in life can simple, and yet at the same time, be so very hard. Finding the work you love is one of those things. Simple to think about. Hard to successfully accomplish.