At Schleif/Learning, I help technical people learn. These people work hard. And they usually get their hands dirty.

In today’s growing “knowledge worker” economy, getting your hands dirty can also be used as a figure of speech.

It can mean physically getting in the game, stepping up to the plate and taking a swing… all to give yourself a chance at reaching your goals.

For some reason, people areĀ surprised when they meet someone who’s successful, only to find out that this person didn’t become an overnight success.

They quickly discover that real success is hard to manifest and that what they see… is actually the fruit of years of struggle, commitment, and hard work.

To be successful, we have to get our hands dirty.

We have to be physically involved in our passion and we have to work hard to make our dreams become a reality.

To succeed at whatever your trying to do, you’ll have to roll up our sleeves, and yes, you’ll have to get your hands dirty.

So, are you ready… to succeed?

A better first question might be…

Do you want to get your hands dirty?

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