Is Once A Year Really Enough?

In America, Labor Day is celebrated just once a year. And as most people know, it falls on the first Monday in September. The Labor Day weekend is considered by many to be the “last chance” time period for those end of season extended vacations; family trips that happen right before the summer ends and the new school year begins.

As a bit of history, the first Labor Day was celebrated way back in September, 1882. It was a day set aside to acknowledge “the union workers in America” and was developed to become “the working man’s holiday”. Then in 1894, it became an official federal holiday and would later become known as the singular holiday celebrating the important role of the American Worker.

So, let’s take a moment and think about it’s purpose – To celebrate the work of those people associated with skilled trades and technically-focused work.

So, what’s it like to be a skilled trades or technical worker in today’s world?

Let me ask… Do we – the American public – take the time to truly celebrate the people in our community who are working with their heads, hands, and hearts – the skilled and technically-trained worker? Or do we look at these “blue collar workers” in a slightly different way?

I ask because in the year 2017, our country finds itself in dire need of skilled and technically-focused workers. For many companies, their ability to grow is being stagnated because of isn’t enough skilled and technically-trained workers to go around. As I write this post, there are almost 6,000,000 (6 million) jobs currently left unfilled, with lack of training and technical experience being given as the primary reason for these jobs being left unfilled.

So, why is this happening?

Well, let me ask you another question. When was the last time you heard anyone say to their son or daughter, “Hey Billy, you should grow up to become a carpenter or perhaps even a brick layer!” When have you ever heard someone say, “Jill, I’m so proud of you, now that you’ve found your cool factory job!”

Most parents in our country focus their children on the singular goal of getting a 4-year education, with the hope that they’ll soon join the traditional “professional” workforce. Hmm, the words “doctors and lawyers” seem to come to mind. Yet for many kids, they’ll work much better, and be far happier working with their hands, heads, and hearts.

Now, if this trend continues, who’s going to fix your automobile, build your nice new home, or take the photos at your kids wedding? Who’s going to manufacture the durable goods we love to consume, who’s going to build the baseball, basketball, and football stadiums we love to visit?

Sure, we only celebrate Labor Day once a year.

But how often should we celebrate those people who work with their heads, hands, and hearts?

In my book… we should celebrate those that serve in skilled and technical jobs – everyday of the week.

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