What separates the best managers from the rest?

Many would say goal attainment. Others would say customer service. Some would say fiscal performance. Unfortunately, all are wrong.

What separates the best managers from the rest is their ability to build and coach a team.

Yes, the most important managerial activities include: employee training and development, coaching, and workplace empowerment. And to most people, these activities are generally considered “soft skills”.

Let’s take a look at today’s managers. Unfortunately, most can be classified as: “job/task focused”, “customer focused” or “company focused”. Most would agree that the road to success is built around process and things, not people.

But to be an effective manager in 2017, a manager needs to be “employee/people focused” – a hard job for most managers since they were selected due to their goal attainment skills, not their people or training skills.

It’s been said that the number one reason employees leave a company can be traced back to – a manager who doesn’t truly care about employees – first and foremost.

There’s no doubt about it.

Without employee engagement activities, on-the-job skills training, and ongoing workforce development, the best employees will surely leave.

Coaching employees to become the best they can be is a manager’s most important job.

Yes, everyone needs a coach. Give me a call. I’m here to help you succeed.

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