It’s an age-old question – “What comes first – investing time to develop people or working hard to get the results you’re looking for?”

For many, leadership is first and foremost – to-do lists, action steps, project completion, and getting results – basic GTD stuff.

For others, leadership strength is all about helping people grow and develop – with the expectation that talented leaders will actively build strength in others – and will sooner or later get great results…

Sure, to-do lists and quick results are really important.

But can any long-term success happen without building great people…?

Riddle me this… How many companies do you know or work with… teach and develop their leaders in the process steps of individual learning and coaching, career mentoring, and talent/strength development before they teach departmental budgeting, project planning and time management?

Maybe we just assume… Or maybe we just…. hmm?

Building talent into strength is the wellspring of great leadership.

A question for you… Is building strength in others your highest calling or would you rather work on achievement, first?

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