The date was August 18th, 1978 and a famous English rock band released an important album. The title song asked a simple question:

“Who are you? Who? Who? Who? Who?”

Unfortunately, allot of us would be hard pressed to give an accurate answer. Sure, we know who we are – by name. But our names are given to us by others… at birth.

Over the years I’ve searched for the answer and I’ve come to discover that in many ways, who we are is reflected by… what we do –  well. By that I mean we become the person, the “who we are”… by what we do really well, at near perfect performance, every time. This “doing well” is also called a strength.

And what we do well, our strengths, are first formulated from within. Formulated from our inner-most talent.

And yes, we all have very specific areas of talent.

Through my work with Gallup, I’ve discovered that my inner talents – as determined by the Gallup StrenghtsFinder process are:

Maximizer   |   Intellection   |   Strategic   |   Activator   |   Input

So what do these words mean? Well, I like to work at making things better. I’ll seek to transform something good into something great. I like to polish the stone – Maximizer. I also like to think about things, I like (love) to get into conversations with others – Intellection. And, sooner or later I know we’ve got to put the car in gear, and get moving – Activator. And yes, I have an inner ability to see what could be the very best route for doing something or going somewhere – Strategic. Finally, I’m very inquisitive and I love information – books, tapes/cd’s, television shows on PBS. Sure, I love to collect information – Input.

For those of you that know me well, this pretty much sums up “who” I am.

Ya think?

And now the big question…

“Who are you?

If you’d like to learn more about the StrengthsFinder process and who you really are… give me a call or drop me a note.

You know who I am.

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