Sooner or later, your place of inner comfort is no longer safe.

Call it a parent’s home, a familiar way of doing things, a stale relationship.

Your comfort zone is where you can rest easy and be yourself, without having to think about it.

Unfortunately, your comfort zone isn’t really very safe.

This place of inner comfort is just an illusion that lulls us into inaction, complacency, and waste.

And towards the end, it causes terminal boredom, stagnation and the death of who we… could have become.

Yes, moving out of your comfort zone will feel awkward and difficult.

But that’s where your growth comes from. That’s how we learn.

Mentally, we need to move out into the country.

We need to move to the very edge of our talent, knowledge, and skill.

We need to expand the boundaries of who we are.

Only then, will we become someone… new.

The person we were destined to become.

The person who we really are.

The person we are… Inside.

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