It’s hard not to listen. Who hasn’t heard, “Listen to your parents”.

And we really do want to listen. Especially, when we’re working to improve.

You see, self improvement requires work. Hard work. And, it’s an inside job.

Unfortunately, when we’re trying to change for the better, a few people might suddenly speak up. And they really want us to listen.

But, we shouldn’t.

We shouldn’t listen to the naysayers, who say, “You can’t do that”.

We shouldn’t listen to the envious people, who ask, “Why you?”.

And we should never, ever listen to that little voice from inside.

You know the one. The sneaky one. The one that takes a different approach.

This is the voice that say’s…

“Whew, I’m finally done with that.”

“I’m finally good enough.”

“Wow, I’m so good, I’m as good as I’ll ever be.”

This is the voice that really holds us back – it holds us back from ourselves. The other mean voices? They’re just noise.

But, this inner voice? This is the voice we need to tell…

“I’m not listening to you. Please, be quiet.”

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