No, I wasn’t born to fly.

And there was a time when no one could – no matter how hard they tried.

Then one day, after years of toil, experimentation, and hard work… we all could.

And the process of building our strengths as individuals is much like the process of learning how to fly.

We begin by identifying our individual talents, those natural thoughts, feelings, and ways of behavior that we all possess.

After talent identification, we can begin building on those talents, though the investment of time, practice and yes… hard work.

This is the process of real strength building – learning and developing the skill mechanics and touch points between your talents and a chosen activity.

Then magically – okay it really isn’t magic – we begin to build strength… with strength being defined as the ability to consistently provide near-perfect performance in a specific activity.

For the Wright brothers, it was learning how to fly.

For the rest of us… it’s learning how to lead people, manage process, or sell products or services.

Yes, we all want to soar… in whatever it is we do.

The best part is…

We can.

Ps… Several people over the years have helped me learn how to fly… hopefully, they know in their hearts, how much they mean to me… thanks.

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