At the age of 17, I joined the U.S. Navy and began my journey through life, hoping to learn… how to become an artist.

Okay, I knew I wouldn’t be painting landscapes.

And I knew I wasn’t going to learn how to create sculpture.

But I wanted to become an artist. More importantly, I hoped that someday I would become… a craftsman.

As I began my career in the U.S. Navy, I was taught how to fix complex machinery on-board ships and submarines, finally doing the work I was looking for.

So, I’m a person who was trained to do things with my hands, first.

And now, I’ve become an artist focused on crafting learning programs for technical people.

Unfortunately, a lot of workers today are trained how to do “knowledge work” first and that’s where it stops.

Yes, most of the time I’m actually doing “knowledge work”, working with e-learning programs and technical design software.

But it doesn’t take away from the simple fact that the people I work with today…

The technical workers, the engineers, the machinery repair people,

Are… and always have been,

Craftsmen and craftswomen.

And they embody to me, the true meaning of the words…

“Handcrafted and Made in America”.

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