There was a time in your life when you knew how to fly… 

And then one day… you grew up.

At a young age, most of us know what comes naturally, what feels right, what fills our hearts with joy… like flying our own airplane.

Then as we grow up, we begin to put a veneer over all that joy and do what others want us to do… hoping to become more like the “adults” in the room.

As a talent and strengths development consultant, I help people re-discover their ability to fly.

The process begins by helping them identify their inner talents, with “talent” being defined as a natural way of thinking, feeling and behaving.

Yes, we all have special inner talents – though many of us haven’t taken the time to identify and build them into strengths.

Few things made us happier than flying our own fighter jet, being a cowboy/cowgirl or putting on special make-up for the next big show.

Re-discovering your ability to fly as an adult is a process you can learn.

And, we both know that deep down… you still know how to fly.

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